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 ??? S.E.M.

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PostSubject: ??? S.E.M.   Thu Oct 07, 2010 12:17 am

Just out of curiosity did the Star Empire provoke something with DCL or am I just handy? We are extremely small right now and non-threatening... iP has made it clear they don't care who they step on. As the leader S.E.M. I am prepared to extend an olive branch to you and offer an alliance. We are only 2 now but, should be adding 6 more with-in the next few days. All experienced players from the old days of UNI4 when it first started. our forum is

I look forward to working with you and Wing against iP and anyone else who dares.

Master Stitch King Star Empire of Manticore (S.E.M.) king
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??? S.E.M.
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