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 [NECRO] NAP proposal

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PostSubject: [NECRO] NAP proposal   Thu Oct 07, 2010 4:22 am

Cynii here, founder of [NECRO] on Draco.

Wanted to propose a NAP with DCL (and wings). We're looking for one or two Alliances to achieve NAPs with, so that we have a few less Alliances to worry about -- the idea that the more you can concentrate on less foes, the better you can hit them. We're currently #23.

Many of us come from Barym and RAVEN/RAV-N (Training wing).

Feel free to /msg me in-game if you wish to discuss this further.
If you decide to decline the offer, no hard feelings and no retaliation.

I also ask that if any of our members break the NAP, you message me first, give me a chance to handle it in-house. If it's not handled to your satisfaction, we can go from there.
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[NECRO] NAP proposal
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